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Remote Monitoring Logistics. Done.

One of the most complex problems facing successful operation of a remote patient monitoring program managing the deployment of devices and technology to the right place at the right time.  Vivify Health delivers on an innovative process, fully integrated, and fine tuned over many years of successful use.  

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How are Logistics Done?

Vivify has developed aback-end Logistics Service platform. As an in-house development, it is seamlessly integrated into our Care Team Portal and used extensively by your care team.  This solution was developed over 9+ years lessons learned, in concert with our customers and their ever-changing logistics and workflow needs.

Vivify has spent millions of dollars developing this integrated Logistics platform, without building around other off-the-shelf logistics platforms, to assure that Care Team members would have immediate updates and direct access to information concerning their patients’ technology. 

Because of this, Vivify Logistics provides automated tracking and care team communications that is not available from any 3rd party logistics service, regardless of the extent of their capabilities and technologies:

Vivify Logistics incorporates automatic actions based upon events, saving valuable time in communications for both Care Team and Logistics personnel while dramatically reducing costly errors with expensive remote care equipment.

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The logistics steps...

On-boarding a patient doesn't stop with assignment, Vivify handles storage, patient-configuration, prepping and shipping.
Patient activation includes delivery, that first use, and all out-of-the-box training .  Kit get lost in transit?  We handle that too.
During the monitoring process, we handle all equipment issues, triaging directly with the patient and sending replacement parts as needed.
Upon completion or re-assignment, Vivify handles those last-mile issues like arranging pickup from the home, storage, and cleaning and reprocessing for next use.

Provider, Carrier & Patient Coordination...


Event Driven for VALUE

Vivify Logistics incorporates automatic actions based upon events, saving valuable time in communications for both Care Team and Logistics personnel while dramatically reducing costly errors with expensive remote care equipment.

Automatic Kit Location and Statuses

Care Team awareness of technology status associated with each patient, shown always with each patient.

Kit Shipping and Fulfillment Tracking

Care Team instant access to a detailed report of Kits in transit to patient homes.

Kit Pick-up Management and Insight

Care Team instant access to a detailed report of Kits to be retrieved from patient homes.

Kit Shipping Request and Kit Pick-up Wizard

Care Team guidance on Kit shipping details, necessary to assure a high quality of Logistics deliveries to patient homes.

Kit Logistic Reporting

Care Team access to detailed historical reports of all Kit Utilization, History and Current Status.

Vivify’s Logistics Services are designed to greatly simplify the overall process and reduce costs compared to a do-it-yourself model. Vivify’s Logistics operations incorporate many behind-the scenes services, communications, facilities and overhead costs that are often overlooked when considering Logistics. A sampling of these costs to Vivify include:

FTEs to manage communications, ordering, returns, inventory, shipping, facilities, reprocessing, infectious materials, testing, battery replacements, support and more.

Physical facilities within appropriate distance to delivery locations, including considerations for insurance, liabilities, security, infectious materials, loading dock, HVAC and more.

Supply chain management, including consideration for discontinued devices, backorders, shipping delays, inventory losses, compatibility, etc.

FTEs to manage communications, ordering, returns, inventory, shipping, facilities, reprocessing, infectious materials, testing, battery replacements, support and more.

Reprocessing supplies, including replacement batteries for all devices, Kit boxes, shipping boxes, packaging materials, numerous printed materials and many more.

Last & Damaged Equipment

Managing equipment that is rapidly cycled into patient’s home is very complex and the occasional loss and damage occurs. Vivify Logistics takes on the work effort managing returns, receiving/unpacking, re-kitting with replaced devices, repackaging entire Kit and associated inventory management. This is no small effort that involves third parties, vendors, accounting department, logistics and support teams.

Shipping Costs

One of the most expensive components of Logistics Services is shipping costs and associated labor. Moving equipment frequently between your facilities, logistics facilities and patients’ homes adds up very quickly. Also, overnight shipping is occasionally needed to increase patient adherence and satisfaction, further increasing costs. The many human activities required for management of these tasks are quite time consuming, especially when patients are not responding to your calls. Vivify Logistics incorporates all the shipping and associated labor costs, greatly reducing the burden on your Clinical teams.

Who Else Uses Logistics Services?

Many of our customers leverage our Logistics Services as part of their wholistic Remote Patient Monitoring program.  Read their stories here.

Initially launched June 2016 with CHF population.  Has since expanded to multiple clinical use cases with both Vivify Pathways +Home™ and Vivify Pathways +GO™.


  • >74% Reduced Readmissions (within 90 days of discharge)
  • 90-93% Patient Compliance (average patient age is 74)
  • 93% Patient Satisfaction
  • 40% Reduction in Mortality

Chose Vivify for compassion and a dedication to provide personalized care for all – especially those most in need.


  • 90%+ Patient Adherence (across multiple clinical lines/conditions)
  • 3% Readmission Rate (reduced from 20%)
  • Patient Compliance:
    • Vivify Pathways +Home™: 90%+
    • Vivify Pathways +Go™: 80%
    • Traditional Phone Care: 20-30%

The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world.  Laurie Poole, VP Clinical Innovation Ontario Telemedicine Network says “Chronic Disease Management is the biggest challenge of our generation.”

Outcomes (COPD and CHF):

  • 70% Reduction in Hospitalization
  • 60% Reduction in ER Visits

Initially launched September 2013 in their Post Acute Department (Home Health and Hospice).  Now enterprise-wide, including physician community and commercial payer reimbursement.


  • 50% Reduction in Readmissions (from >17% to <5%)
  • Reduced Nurse Visits (by 3.6 per episode)
  • Home Health LOS Reduced (from 82 to 48 days)
  • Cost Savings of Over $8,500 Per Patient
  • Patient Satisfaction Exceeding 90%

What More Should I Know?

Patient service logistics can be daunting.  Not only do we have the technology and services to provide, we also strive to keep you educated on todays logistics landscape.  If you don’t find the answers you need here, however, please be sure to contact us and we will help you discover them.

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Go Remote!

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