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Remote Patient Monitoring. Vivified.

Different health organizations have different needs.  Vivify Health’s platform for Remote Patient Monitoring empowers care where it is needed the most, while delivering advanced program management to set you apart.

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Get Safe.
Get Screened.
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Protect your patients, employees and communities while getting back to work safely…

See How RPM Works...

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New 2021 CMS Codes!

See how 2021 CMS changes will help you get closer to engaging, guiding, and monitoring your patients remotely!

How Is RPM Done?

Vivify Health is transforming healthcare by replacing episodic approaches with the market’s most complete, patient-centered, and holistic connected care platform. Discover how we can help you launch and scale comprehensive, effective remote care programs that create exceptional clinical and financial ROI for chronic and post-acute care as well as wellness management.


Setting patients in the right direction for a continued path towards a healthy life is Vivify Health’s main priority.  Using Vivify Pathways (our Remote Care Platform), you can choose from over 90 clinical and engagement pathways or combine them into thousands of programs.  We don’t have one you need?  You can use our intuitive drag-and-drop portal to create your own.

Scheduling and automating patient encounters to connect, engage, educate, guide, monitor and intervene gives you a great pathway towards success.

Start a population (or single patient) on a simple pathway.  Based on patient events… interventions, escalations, and even additional pathway content can be automatically engaged for a patient, keeping populations on the right path with much less manual effort.

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What Are The Results?

Over the last 10 years of actual clinical use, the Vivify platform has delivered outstanding, documented performance, including:

90 %
Patient Satisfaction
Patients utilizing Vivify Health report greater than 97% satisfaction.
0 %
Readmission Reduction
Vivify Health customers have experienced up to a 65% reduction in readmissions in as little as 30 days.
0 x
Return on Investment

Vivify Health customers can see greater than an 8.0x return on investment (ROI).



Much like a transit map, Vivify Health’s dynamic pathways guide patients along check-ins, enable timely interventions and escalations, and even automatically add supplemental care pathways as needed.

The pathway steps...


Connect with patients using today’s consumer and medical devices.


Engage with patients using captivating and intuitive programs.


Educate patients with current, relevant and informative content. 


Guide patient behavior with outcomes-based clinical pathways.


Monitor and alert on patient biometrics, activity and progress along prescribed pathways.


Intervene with patients using messaging, video or phone. 

Who Came Before You?

Vivify has created a digital pathway to collaborative care on-demand for some of the most respected healthcare organizations in the nation.  Read their stories here.

Initially launched June 2016 with CHF population.  Has since expanded to multiple clinical use cases with both Vivify Pathways +Home™ and Vivify Pathways +GO™.


  • >74% Reduced Readmissions (within 90 days of discharge)
  • 90-93% Patient Compliance (average patient age is 74)
  • 93% Patient Satisfaction
  • 40% Reduction in Mortality

Chose Vivify for of user-friendly interface for patients and clinicians, outcomes and reduction in readmissions.


  • From 16% to 6% Reduction in Re-Admissions
  • Over 44,000 Patients Served
  • Over 90,000 Virtual Visits Completed
  • 375,000 Minutes of Face-to-Face On Screen Time.
  • 275 Monthly ER Visits Prevented
  • 1,600 Avg. Daily Patient Census
  • Patient Age Range 25-103.
  • 98% of patients would recommend.

Chose Vivify for compassion and a dedication to provide personalized care for all – especially those most in need.


  • 90%+ Patient Adherence (across multiple clinical lines/conditions)
  • 3% Readmission Rate (reduced from 20%)
  • Patient Compliance:
    • Vivify Pathways +Home™: 90%+
    • Vivify Pathways +Go™: 80%
    • Traditional Phone Care: 20-30%

The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world.  Laurie Poole, VP Clinical Innovation Ontario Telemedicine Network says “Chronic Disease Management is the biggest challenge of our generation.”

Outcomes (COPD and CHF):

  • 70% Reduction in Hospitalization
  • 60% Reduction in ER Visits

What More Should I Know?

As healthcare providers and payers look to remote connected care solutions to help accelerate their transition to value-based care, they may find each answer leads to more questions. For those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and requirements, Vivify has assembled this comprehensive collection of resources. If you don’t find the answers you need here, please be sure to contact us and we will help you discover them.

FCC Commissioner Sees Vivify-Powered RPM Program in Action
Visit to Banyan Community Health Center highlights success of innovative FCC-funded program
Vivify Health celebrates National Nurses Week 2021
2021 is a year to reflect on the unmatched sacrifice made by nurses on the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19.
Vivify Health Recognized for Remote Patient Care Innovation in 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program
Prestigious Annual Awards Program Distinguishes Vivify for “Best Remote Patient Monitoring Solution”
FCC Awards $249.95M in New Funding to the COVID-19 Telehealth Program
Hospitals and other providers offering remote patient monitoring (RPM) are eligible for a slice of the pie

Go Remote!

Are you ready to start remote care, or maybe need just a little more information on what Vivify Health and remote patient management can bring for you?

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