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Remote Patient Monitoring. Vivified.

Healthcare organizations don’t treat all patients the same and Vivify Health doesn’t either. Vivify Health’s platform for Remote Patient Monitoring provides features for both patients and providers and empowers care where it is needed the most.

Vivify Pathways: Care Team Portal by Clinicians for Clinicians!

The Vivify Pathways TM solution is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of disease management and post-acute care programs. We do this by leveraging a cloud-based virtual platform utilized by providers and payers. Vivify Pathways collects data from patients through their mobile digital devices or at-home remote monitoring kits. The acquired biometric and patient supplied information provides actionable insights for clinicians for more timely interventions.


Bridging the Provider – Patient Gap

The Vivify Health Pathways cloud-based platform provides features for both patients and providers making it seem like the patient is in the next room.



Much like a transit map, Vivify Health’s dynamic pathways guide patients along check-ins, enable timely interventions and escalations, and even automatically add supplemental care pathways as needed.

The pathway steps...


Connect with patients using today’s consumer and medical devices.


Engage with patients using captivating and intuitive programs.


Educate patients with current, relevant and informative content. 


Guide patient behavior with outcomes-based clinical pathways.


Monitor and notify on patient biometrics, activity, and progress along prescribed pathways.


Intervene with patients using messaging, video or phone. 

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Simplified & Unified Care Team Model

Vivify Pathways Portal provides you with all the features and functionality that support your day-to-day clinical operations including identifying and monitoring individuals.

  • Secure Messages
  • Medication Reminders
  • Educational Content (English & Spanish)
  • Individualized Clinical Pathways
  • Vaccine Reminders (Flu, Pneumonia, etc.)
  • Telehealth/Video Visit Experience
  • Chronic and Acute Care Paths
  • Single or Multiple Care Paths per Patient
  • Biometric Device Management
  • Integrated EMR Workflows
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Role-Based Access
  • End to End logistics support

Our Services for Success

Hospital and health systems that have successfully implemented the RPM program transformed themselves by evolving across three crucial pillars –

Leadership Team Selection

Team leadership is a crucial step in building a strong RPM program and should have representation across many departments within your organization.

  • Clinical Stakeholders
  • RPM Nurses
  • Kit Logistics Stakeholders
  • IT/IS Specialists (including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Specialists)
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement
  • Marketing

Process, Policies & Procedures

Like your on-site treatment programs, remote programs should leverage similar processes, policies and procedures to ensure optimal compliance and outcomes.

  • Risk Stratification – Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Referral Process
  • Management of RPM Monitoring Data
  • Equipment/Logistics Management
  • Patient Management (including welcome call)
  • Communication with Physician
  • Biometrics

Organization Reporting & Meeting

It is important to proactively plan and retrospectively study your remote programs to fine-tune outcomes on a continual basis.

  • Tracking Daily, Weekly & Monthly Metrics. (Positive Outcomes Experience by Patients and Providers Using the RPM program)
  • Improved Compliance/Engagement
  • Increased Referrals Related to Outcomes
  • Satisfaction with Program

Easy Path to Remote Care

Our time-tested methodology and vast implementation experience help our customers ensure quality delivery and timely Go-live.

  • Expectations management to build a common understanding across the stakeholder community
  • Risk management to minimize lost time and cost from unforeseen surprises
  • Ongoing training and education throughout implementation to build up a capable super user base
  • Change management activities to prepare a broad group of users for Go-Live and increase solution adoption
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