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As hospitals and health organizations move toward population health and engage in value-based contracting, managing patients with chronic diseases effectively and efficiently has risen to the top of the agenda.

“It would be great if the patient is giving you information every day in a way that helps drive workflow around urgency and kicking out alarms to do an outreach,” says Christopher Crow, MD, President of Catalyst Health Group, an accountable care organization (ACO) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with 280 primary care providers.

The ACO plans to pilot a remote monitoring solution from Vivify Health to stay connected with patients.

Robin Hill, Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Vivify Health photo
Robin Hill, Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Vivify Health

Vivify Health’s solutions are used by 500 healthcare facilities including Ascension Health, Memorial Hermann, and Intermountain Health Care. Catalyst Health plans to pilot Vivify Health’s BYOD solution to manage patients under the new CMS chronic care management codes. “We’ll augment their current practices and workflows to make them more efficient, and capture the face-to-face and the non-face-to-face time,” says Robin Hill, Vice President of Clinical Solutions at Vivify Health.

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