With the COVID-19 outbreak turning into a pandemic, the world has a sharper definition of what comprises a black-swan event. But the aftermath of pandemic will definitely give a clear picture to learn from our past mistakes and be proactive in terms of utilizing, monitoring and managing telemedicine that can reduce healthcare costs as well as improve patients’ satisfaction.

Vanessa McLaughlin, founder of Welcome Home Health (WHH), could foresee the potential of telemedicine back in the 90s and since then had been working to make it pragmatic and feasible for healthcare delivery. One of the unique aspects of WHH’s model is that it takes advantage of an existing infrastructure then layers in its secret sauce. It uses Vivify Health’s Pathway Remote Care Platform in combination with a large national call center specializing in health.

We use a consistent high-touch model“, McLaughlin said. It works on a model where a moment a person thinks he is infected with COVID-19 a WHH Patient Health Advocate (PHA) sends him or her an assessment tool via text, then is tested. Once patients have tested positive, PHA will support them over the next 14 days. PHAs assess their health condition daily, help them through the anxiety. If patients become ill, PHAs bring in clinicians to triage their condition and evaluate whether they need to go into the hospital.

McLaughlin is currently working on a pilot program with the Washington State Department of Commerce. supporting 100 patients and then ramping up to a rolling 5,000 in five weeks.

McLaughlin was recently interviewed by Forbes where she mentioned using Vivify Health’s remote care platform to screen and monitor patients remotely and helping health systems from further curbing the spread and becoming over-taxed.

To learn more about WHH and how McLaughlin is leveraging Vivify Health’s platform as a secret sauce, read the full article here.

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