As the entire world struggles to combat the pandemic, the epidemiological numbers caused by the coronavirus, are becoming outdated by the hour. No other industry has been majorly disrupted than healthcare – though this pandemic has become a turning point for RPM and telehealth services. Reimbursement policies are changing by the moment as physicians, providers, and practices seek more answers on telehealth technologies.

A webinar hosted by Vivify Health with ATA has Kevin Harper – Director of Public policy, ATA and Robert Jarrin – renowned Strategic Advisor, walk us through:

  1. Administrative actions to expand telehealth coverage
  2. RPM and telehealth technologies that a provider should consider during COVID-19 outbreak
  3. Whether Congress is considering another coronavirus package

Here is an excerpt of what you can expect to learn in this webinar:

  • Administration expanded coverage and provided new flexibility by changing reimbursement rules such as Medicare covering telehealth services to beneficiaries in any location including the home
  • Key federal telehealth policy changes include – Medicare telehealth waiver, Medicare advantage, HHS OCR HIPAA, DEA telemedicine
    • OCR not imposing penalties for noncompliance with the regulatory requirements under HIPAA; allows for video chats to provide telehealth
    • U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has clarified that providers can use telemedicine to prescribe controlled substances without a prior medical evaluation
  • State and federal licensure waivers during the COVID-19 PHE
  • AMA CPT codes:
    • Digitally store data services/RPM – 99091
    • Remote physiological monitoring – 99453, 99454
    • Remote physiological monitoring/treatment management services – 99457, 99458
    • Brief check-in/Remote evaluation – HCPCS code G2012, G2010
    • E-visit and management services – 99421, 99422, 99423, E-visit and online digital assessment – HCPCS G2061, G2062, G2063
    • And other codes applicable to digital health professional services
  • Potential next steps in the COVID-19 package – FQHC/RHC, HAS/HDHP Telehealth, Medicare waiver ‘qualified provider’ fix, Home dialysis, Hospice care, HRSA TRC grants, increased federal funding to support telehealth access and infrastructure
  • CMS Medicare telehealth waiver(s) FAQs

The ulterior motive of the federal and state actions is to offer more flexibility to the providers, physicians, and practitioners by helping them to examine patients virtually, reducing the spread and protecting the patients and the staff. Learn more about Telehealth reimbursements and listen to the webinar here.

Update since this Webinar

Medicare recipients can receive care where they are: at home or in a nursing or assisted living facility. Virtual check In-services can be delivered to NEW or existing patients. Other important Telehealth Medicare changes that will apply immediately across US healthcare systems include:

  • Hospitals can bill for services provided outside their four walls –
    • Emergency departments of hospitals can use telehealth services to quickly assess patients
  • Medicare will now cover respiratory-related devices and equipment for any medical reason determined by clinicians
  • CMS will now allow for more than 80 additional services to be furnished via telehealth. During the public health emergencies, individuals can use interactive apps with audio and video capabilities to visit with their clinician for an even broader range of services
  • CMS is allowing telehealth to fulfill many face-to-face visit requirements for clinicians to see their patients in inpatient rehabilitation facilities, hospice, and home health.
    • Home Health Agencies can provide more services to beneficiaries using telehealth, so long as it is part of the patient’s plan of care and does not replace needed in-person visits as ordered on the plan of care
  • CMS is making it clear that clinicians can provide remote patient monitoring services to patients with acute and chronic conditions, and can be provided for patients with only one disease

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