Technology has braced itself very well for the turbulent times. Leaders in technology play a pivotal role in making sure that they are always prepared to provide the requisite solutions to the prospective customers and workforce. In today’s high-stake environment, rapid decision making has become imperative to the leaders across the organization so as to provide ample and accurate information in a timely and pragmatic way.

Since the pandemic has caused lockdowns and people have asked to stay home, there has been a tremendous amount of pressure on the technology companies and teams to secure work from home arrangements while maintaining the integrity and safety to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

The technology leaders have taken quick decisions in the following dimensions to respond to the crisis –

  • Improve remote working capabilities
  • Scaling the workforce
  • Addressing cybersecurity
  • Mitigating operational costs
  • Managing MFA

As the pandemic has posed tough times, these leaders have adapted to the new tactics to protect their organizations. To stay vigilant the IT leaders have swiftly adopted effective and new approaches that can fulfill their responsibility to uphold their institutions’ security and maintain business continuity while obligating their teams.

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