As a group of healthcare providers who have come together to deliver coordinated care to the Medicare patients, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), are at the forefront of this battle trying hard to beat the COVID-19 crisis while delivering the high-quality coordinated care each day.

Telehealth and RPM solutions can help maximize the care delivery value for ACOs by delivering quality care beyond reducing the onslaught of nervous patients converging the facility – making it apparent that there is no need to just flatten the curve when we can simply redefine it.

The objective of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and ACOs converge to a common focal point – Reducing the strain on an already over-taxed healthcare system without compromising on delivering quality care.

To get us all ahead of the Coronavirus crisis and understand the possible interventions, Vivify Health, a leader in connected care management and patient engagement, implemented a proactive plan with a goal to redefine the curve.

By increasing the use of RPM and telehealth, ACOs can scale up quickly to manage thousands of patients effectively while reducing exposure for patients and staff.

Join this highly interactive webinar hosted by ACO Exhibit Hall on April 30th, where Jan Meyer, RN, BSN – Director of Clinical Sales, and Jeff Haggard, Vice President of Customer Development, Vivify Health will share some insights on how ACOs can navigate through COVID, screen, and virtually monitor their patients, and what the future looks like after the downturn of the curve.

ACO Exhibit Hall

The session will also cover the following topics-

  • How can you keep your other patients engaged?
  • How to manage your COVID patients?
  • Can ACOs and their providers bill for telehealth?
  • How does Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth fit into the Quadruple Aim?
  • Post – COVID World
  • What does this mean for the future?
  • Patient Satisfaction from using telehealth
  • Different delivery of healthcare moving beyond

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