Vivify Health has brought to market a Remote Care Management Platform with solutions for multiple risk stratification. High Risk patients utilize a “Kit” with a cellular connected Android tablet, paired via Bluetooth or BLE to the appropriate personal health devices such as weight scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter. The kit is drop shipped to the patient’s home or delivered at discharge or clinical visit and is very easy for patients of all ages to turn on and use. Vivify supplies all surrounding services such as kit recycling and logistics, 24/7 tech support with Mobile Device Management, and optional Clinical Command Center call center for monitoring patients. For Rising Risk or Step Down Care, Vivify has web apps and mobile apps which can be used with the patient’s own devices (BYOD) on their smartphone, for example, with much of the same functionality, except biometrics are not automated, they are manually entered. Same Survey Questions/Care Plan functionality, educational video content, and videoconferencing/virtual visits are available for all solutions across the platform.

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