PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vivify Health, a leader in Remote Patient Monitoring technology and services, expands further into Population Health with their latest release. The Platform can now reach a very large population with broadcast deployment to patients’ existing devices, known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), enabling remote care to the masses, scaling from individual physician practices to sizable health plan populations.

“Because our platform has been proven to reduce overall cost of care and improve clinical outcomes, it has relevance across all customer business models from traditional fee-for-service to every flavor of value-based care.”

Since being funded by many of the largest health systems in the U.S., Vivify has grown to over 500 facilities under contract by constantly building on the success of using consumer electronics paired with wireless personal health devices for complex chronic and high-risk patients of any condition. Additional investments by LabCorp and Envision Healthcare have enabled Vivify’s platform to now support a broad array of smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Vivify is well known for their fully-managed health kits, simplifying remote care with an instant-on delivered package including a 4G tablet and wireless health devices. The BYOD solution offers much of the same rich set of features, now accessible on nearly all consumers’ existing mobile devices at significantly lower costs. The result enables IDNs, health plans, ACOs and physicians to automate patient engagement and shape behaviors on a very large scale.

This new low-cost and easily-deployed remote care capability, combined with Vivify’s EMR integration expertise, are vital components to accomplish another first-to-market solution for Vivify – CMS reimbursement for Chronic Care Management in the Physician Fee Schedule (CPT Code 99490)*. With these tools, individual providers can now obtain new revenue with reimbursement for remotely managing patients with chronic conditions. Available functionality to engage with patients includes gathering biometric data and answers to daily care plan survey questions – while also providing the opportunity for video education and virtual visits to any patient device with web access.

In addition to BYOD, broadened capabilities of Vivify’s latest platform release include:

  • Automated and embedded risk stratification tools to determine which care plans and technology are best applied for patient condition and capabilities
  • Optimized drag-and-drop care plan customization workflow, to simplify care plan management at both the macro template and individual patient level
  • Enhanced logistics tools and services for easier distribution and operational support administration
  • Additional wireless health device options, such as direct wireless communications with the most popular glucometers
  • Enhanced capability to publish a customer’s own educational and marketing videos, in addition to Vivify’s robust library of best practice content
  • Internationalization features, including multilingual care plans, text-to-speech voices, videos and patient experiences

According to Vivify’s VP of Sales, David Lucas, “The opportunity to administer both our fully-managed health kits and BYOD technology from the same backend platform really resonates with our customers. Further, with the addition of BYOD they can now engage and empower a much larger percentage of their populations, which offers multifaceted benefits regardless of the customer’s particular business model.” Lucas continues, “Because our platform has been proven to reduce overall cost of care and improve clinical outcomes, it has relevance across all customer business models from traditional fee-for-service to every flavor of value-based care.”

* Department of Health and Human Services, CMS Publication: Chronic Care Management Services

About Vivify Health

Vivify Health is one of healthcare’s leading mobile Remote Care Management Platforms, providing multiple modalities of health consumer monitoring and engagement, aligned with individual risk profiles and technical capabilities. Founded in 2009, Vivify Health was among the first companies to deliver remote care technology via the cloud and mobile devices (mHealth), with deep integration into EMR, Analytics and Population Health systems, including open APIs for real-time and bi-directional data exchange, enabling “the last mile of population health”.

Vivify’s solutions and services include fully-managed health kits (4G tablets and wireless personal health devices, with 24/7 tech support and logistics services), BYOD solutions, web solutions and professional services including workflow consulting, HIT Integration, and optional clinical call center support. Intuitive and simple interfaces define the Vivify experience for both patients and clinicians, with platform flexibility for remotely monitoring any clinical condition, shaping behavior through surveys and assessments, educational video content and virtual visits.

Vivify quickly gained traction through partnerships, including AT&T, Ericsson, and Samsung. Vivify’s patent pending technologies have grown extensively, encompassing new methods and systems for connected health delivery, dynamic video scripting, healthcare incentives, medication adherence, mobile health device management and television-based user experiences. For more information, visit


Vivify Health

David Lucas, 717-615-0125

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