Fast growing remote monitoring pioneer surpasses 5 million monitored days across customer base comprised of 700-plus hospitals and 200-plus non-hospital sites of care

PLANO, Texas, April 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Vivify Health, the pioneer and market leader of remote care via mobile devices, announced today that its revenues have more than doubled every year since 2014. The company recently surpassed 5 million monitored days across its customer base, which now includes over 700 hospitals and 200 non-hospital sites of care, such as home health agencies and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Vivify credits much of its growth to overall simplicity, accomplishing over 90% daily patient compliance and 95% patient satisfaction across a very complex and often elderly population. Additionally, Vivify focuses on value to clinicians, garnering satisfaction measures that have exceeded 98% across the country. For this approach, the company was awarded the 2018 North America Product Line Strategy Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan earlier this month.

“Our growth to date has been nothing short of phenomenal,” said Eric Rock, CEO and founder of Vivify Health. “The strong response from healthcare systems across the country attests to the demonstrated value of our technology for managing and engaging high-risk and rising-risk patients, who generate most health spending. Our solutions have been shown to reduce readmissions and overall health costs while improving patient outcomes. We look forward to continued robust growth as the industry continues to transform itself along value-based lines.”

Vivify offers more than 80 customizable clinical protocols, including pathways for complex chronic diseases, chronic care management, end-of-life illnesses, joint replacement bundles, oncology bundles, pre- and postsurgical management, and pediatric transplants.

Vivify’s platform, which aggregates data via apps and Bluetooth-connected health devices, collects more than 2 million clinical data points per month. Vivify’s algorithms screen and simplify these data points to identify the clinically meaningful notifications prompting care team interventions which typically leverage Vivify’s integrated virtual visit capabilities.

The platform is frequently used to support bundled care programs such as Medicare’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program with pre-op assessments, post-discharge monitoring, appointment reminders and compliance documentation.  Additionally, complex chronic disease patients see dramatically improved outcomes in many customers’ heart failure and pulmonary disease readmission prevention programs.

The patented Vivify platform is uniquely positioned in the market to accomplish outcomes with complex high-risk monitored patients, via all-inclusive managed health kits, while also scaling to the masses with mobile and web apps. All solutions leverage the same back-end analytics and care management tools, which seamlessly integrate with existing health information systems and workflows.

About Vivify Health
Vivify Health is the nation’s leading mobile remote care management platform, providing multiple modalities of health consumer monitoring and engagement, aligned with individual risk profiles and technical capabilities. Founded in 2009, Vivify Health was among the first companies to deliver remote care technology via the cloud and mobile devices (mHealth), with deep integration into EMR, Analytics and Population Health systems, including open APIs for real-time and bi-directional data exchange, enabling “the last mile of population health.” Vivify’s solutions and services include fully-managed health kits (4G tablets and wireless personal health devices, with 24/7 tech support and logistics services), BYOD solutions, IVR solutions and professional services including workflow consulting, HIT Integration, and optional clinical call center support. Intuitive and simple interfaces define the Vivify experience for both patients and clinicians, with platform flexibility for remotely monitoring any clinical condition, shaping behavior through surveys and assessments, educational video content and virtual visits. Learn more at:

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