Exploding number of cases. Overwhelmed health systems. Heartbreaking reports with no end in sight.

Pandemics such as COVID-19 are times of uncertainty driving dramatic shifts and changes across industries. Health systems are at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and are evolving rapidly to lead through the crisis.

Vivify Health, now part of Optum and the nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group (UHG) worked together on a unified mission – to help people lead healthier lives even during the turbulent times.

UHG currently uses Vivify to serve 10,000 high-risk patients and with our At-Home Patient Monitoring Program, the service has emerged to be imperative during pandemic.

What seemed like a marathon quickly turned into a sprint – with telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) rapidly gaining recognition as the highly valuable solutions for individualized care that keep patients at home while reducing the strain on already over-taxed emergency departments (EDs).

At the start of the pandemic, UHG and Vivify Health immediately rescheduled 4000 appointments to virtual visits and since then have continued ramping up the platform to manage at-risk patients.

Vivify Pathways – Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

For a decade, Vivify Health has been transforming healthcare by replacing episodic approaches with the market’s most complete, patient-centered, and holistic connected care platform. Our cloud-based platform can take vital measurements at home and the assigned clinicians can track changes and promptly intervene to prevent a more serious health event or a costly ER visit.

Through our +Home or +Go App, Vivify Health delivers synchronous and asynchronous engagement with the end-user. The end-user is typically a chronically ill patient, for instance, someone with heart failure or severe diabetes. We virtually triage medical activities replacing it over traditional methods and applications. Our RPM platform plays a significant role in asking a series of questions about patient’s current state, and capturing Bluetooth biometric data like blood pressure, weight, or blood glucose levels. All the biometric data captured and answered questions flow into a centralized portal where the data can be trended daily. Vivify uses propriety algorithms to place a Health Index Score on each person being monitored. It will automatically flag patients who screen high risk based on their responses to the questions and their biometric data. Personnel monitoring the timely data flowing in can engage synchronously with the end-user through video visits and secure text messaging.

A recent article in Forbes goes into the significant details of how UHG is leveraging Vivify Health’s Remote patient monitoring platform for at-risk patients, rolling out complex surge forecasting algorithms and tapping patient data to find new ways to treat the virus.

Read here to learn more about UHG and Vivify Health harnessing data for a better COVID response.

Customer Success Stories

Vivify Health’s platform has proved invaluable even before COVID-19. Here are the details of key customer success stories mentioned in the article above.

  1. Munson Healthcare has been serving Northern MI for more than 50 years and extensively uses Vivify Health’s At-home monitoring tool for high-risk cardiovascular patients. They successfully dropped readmission rates by more than two-thirds and saw 95% patient satisfaction.
  2. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Magee-Women’s Hospital and Magee Women’s Research Institute implemented a rigorous post discharged RPM program for new mothers. Mind-boggling results as the postpartum remote patient care has led to 90% follow-up appointments for 4-6 weeks. A survey concluded that 94% said they were satisfied with the experience, and 82% agreed they were more comfortable knowing that a nurse was checking on their health every day.

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