GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- – Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) is a mobile demonstration vehicle that showcases many telehealth solutions. Iron Bow Technologies is the creator behind this truck, and they partnered with the Department of Veteran Affairs to increase the use of telehealth. The TED truck visited the Grand Junction VA Medical Center on Monday, April 3.

Telehealth is a way of receiving medical attention through technology. The medical technologies can improve efficiency while also enhancing patient access and experiences. This year, TED will visit around 170 VA Medical Centers. TED connects veterans with specialty doctors that may not live in their area. This is especially relevant for Grand Junction, says Katrina Campbell the Facility Telehealth Coordinator for the VA. “We’re rural health basically. That’s hard to believe when we live in a [148,513] population area, but we don’t have all the specialties that Denver does or Salt Lake City does,” says Campbell.

By connecting veterans with such specialty doctors from TED, getting medical attention for veterans can be made simpler. “They’re not having to drive as far, they get to go to the same hospital they live right next to even though say, it doesn’t have the dermatologist, we’re still going to get you in a real time connection with a dermatologist so you can be diagnosed. So, you’re getting the same quality of care no matter where you live,” says Ben Engle, the TED driver and telehealth educator.

TED will be on the road for about eleven months, and their next stop is Las Vegas.

The VA serves approximately 8.76 million veterans every year.

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