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Remote Monitoring Solved.

Regardless of your organization type, there is a solution for you. Vivify helps our customers monitor 90+ (and counting) conditions in varying care settings.

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A fully managed kit that works right out-of-the-box and is ideal for patients with zero to little technology experience.

Take care to a whole new level for patient population – on the devices they use every day.

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Care Transition

Transitioning patients between healthcare settings can yield gaps in care, compromising safety, quality, and clinical outcomes.

Make the transition easier by utilizing patient lifecycle and daily engagement technology that improves care transitions. We can help do this by digitally passing discharged patients into remote monitoring triage (working seamlessly with your EMR).  Orders are generated and they are passed to the Vivify Pathways™ platform.

Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is among the most widespread and costly health challenges in the US, and it is the nation’s leading cause of disability and death. To achieve optimum clinical outcomes, address multiple quality measures, and manage patient expectations, healthcare providers need to vigilantly manage chronic diseases across clinically diverse populations.

Addressing chronic disease can be made easier with an intuitive and easy-to-use toolset that continually engages patients, drives positive behavior, and enables timely clinical intervention for effective chronic disease management.

Consumer Engagement

Lack of patient engagement with the sickest of the sick results in increased patient health risk and unplanned hospitalization. With all patient populations, lack of patient engagement can drive down STAR Ratings and HCAHPS scores.

We can help improve those ratings and scores with Intuitive, easy-to-use technology that automates the consumer engagement process, triages clinical and non-clinical needs, and achieves a high rate of care plan adherence.

Continual Care

Ineffective and untimely patient management across the care continuum results in less than optimum patient outcomes – and unplanned acute care utilization. Moving from episodic to continual care reduces cost and improves outcomes across a patient population.

Continual care technologies track and monitor patients across care settings — and bridge gaps in time, distance, and communication to transform patient care.

Government Reimbursement

Through alternative payment models, CMS is creating a new framework that rewards providers not for the volume of services they provide but for the value of care they deliver. To optimize these financial incentives, providers will need to closely manage performance measures for shared risk and savings—with a focus on patient satisfaction and preventive care quality.

Healthcare can utilize this new framework to drive better revenue through tools and automated technology for patient engagement, continual monitoring, and virtual visits to demonstrate high-value care.

Remote Care Entered the Main Stream in 2021

A Government Reimbursement Program

One of the pandemic’s silver linings is that the value of remote monitoring and Telehealth is more demonstrable than ever. As a result, healthcare has taken at least a three-year leap forward in delivering quality care more efficiently and in the comfort and safety of home. Physicians and patients aren’t the only ones with growing interest in Telehealth/RPM. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is increasingly recognizing its benefits and is changing its regulations accordingly.

In the past, reimbursement for Telehealth was often limited by originating site and geography. RPM is not a Telehealth service and does not have those restrictions, but there are substantive changes for both during the COVID Public Health Emergency and 2021. The requirements to provide and bill for these services may still seem complex and difficult to understand and complete efficiently. These areas have been in focus as CMS looks to improve care and reduce costs for patients in Medicare Part B Fee for Service or in value-based care like Medicare Advantage plans.

Go Remote!

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