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See Eric Rock, Vivify Health CEO, tomorrow at Health 2.0 speak on how Vivify and UPMC have partnered to scale population health by combining expertise.

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How did UPMC choose Vivify Health as the best strategic partner?

Lunch and Learn: Corporate VC 2.0 – Health Care Systems as Strategic Investors

September 25-28, 2016 | Santa Clara, CA | Ballroom F-G | 12:20-3:20

How did UPMC choose Vivify Health as the best strategic partner?   In this session, hear from patient monitoring trailblazer Vivify Health, risk adjustment leader Health Fidelity, and UPMC Enterprises itself as they discuss the advantages, challenges, and future of strategic investments by health care organizations. The panel will talk about how Vivify works with UPMC to build their businesses together. The speakers will address how both Vivify Health and UMPC benefit from this unique relationship, and how we got “past the pilot” faster and smarter.

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Telehealth Flattens, redefines the curve byRPM solutions that would reduce a surge of patients in hospitals and ERs

Telehealth Flattens, Redefines the COVID-19 Curve

Telehealth and RPM solutions are maximizing the care delivery value by delivering quality care beyond reducing the onslaught of nervous patients converging the facility – making it apparent that there is no need to just flatten the curve, when we can simply redefine it

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Vivify Health is transforming healthcare with the market’s most comprehensive patient-centered connected care platform, spanning from remote monitoring of high-risk patients and patient activation to population and employee health. Vivify’s platform is the digital pathway to collaborative care on demand — with a focus on ease of use for employees, members, patients and providers.

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