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The Right Resources for the Right Job.

Knowing you need all the information you can to investigate the value Remote Patient Monitoring can provide for you, we have provided the resources below to explore.

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Case Studies

Munson Healthcare (2019)

University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) (2018)

Children’s Health (2016)

Union Hospital of Cecil County (UHCC) (2015)

Christus Healthcare (2015)



Vivify Pathways (2020)

Vivify Pathways +Go (2020)

Vivify Pathways +Go: Engage (2020)


ACO (2020)

CCJR (2020)

Home Care (2020)

Care Transition (2018)

Consumer Engagement (2018)

Chronic Disease (2018)

Continual Care (2018)

Chronic Care Management (CCM) (2018)

Government Reimbursement (2018)


Logistics Services (2020)

Clinical Services (2020)

Risk Stratification


New RPM CPT Codes (2019)

Risk Levels

At Risk (2016)

Rising Risk (2016)

High Risk (2016)

Press Releases

Customer Testimonials

Munson Healthcare (Short) (2019)

Munson Healthcare (Long) (2019)

Trinity Health- Long (2018)

Trinity Health- Short (2018)

ATA Board Panel Discussion (Ascension, OTN & UPMC) (2018)

Children’s Health (2015)

Christus Health (2014)

Patient Testimonials

Ascension/Goodhealth (Mar 2018)

Christus Health (2014)

Memorial Hermann (2014)


The Right Path- Pathways to Better Outcomes (Jan 2019)

Delivering a Smarter Health Network (Ascension/Goodhealth) (Feb 2018)

Comprehensive Cardiology (Cardiovascular Institute of the South) (2017)

On-Demand Virtual Delivery of Care (Angela Hospice) (Sep 2017)

Improving the Patient Experience at UPMC Through Remote Monitoring (UPMC) (Nov 2017)

Scaling Up Healthcare Delivery Using Remote Care Management for Improved and Cost Effective Clinical Outcomes (Ascension at Home) (Jul 2017)

Future of Effective Patient Management and Reduced Hospital Readmissions: VIRTUAL CARE (Connected Home Living) (Mar 2017)

Vital Signs: Forecasting the Future of Healthcare (Aug 2016)

White Papers

Pathway to Connected Care Anywhere (2018)

Chronically Successful (2016)


Vivify Pathways +Home- Overview (Jun 2019)

Vivify Health- How It Works (Feb 2019)

Trinity Health- Home Care Connect Promo (2017)

Adventist Health- Mobile Game Changers (Aug 2017)

Vivify Health- A Quick Intro (Apr 2017)

Customers In The News

Welcome Homecare (Mar 2020)

Mercy Home Care Connect (Jul 2019)

AMR – Ebola Scare (Oct 2014)

Campaigns/Landing Pages

RPM Practiced (Mar 2019)

The Right Path (Jan 2018)

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