Health systems are at the front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and are evolving at a rapid pace to lead through the crisis. Telemedicine and RPM are becoming a new normal to making it easy for the patients to be screened and monitored remotely and helping health systems from further curbing the spread and becoming over-taxed.

Jacksonville, FL based premier home healthcare agency Welcome Homecare is partnered with UnitedHealth Care and is leveraging Vivify Health’s remote patient monitoring to connect nurses, doctors and patients remotely.

The physicians reiterate that the “main” source of COVID-19 transmission is the hospitals as it is transmitting the disease from the COVID-19 patients to non- COVID-19 patients. Ambulances and infected personnel, especially those without symptoms, carry the contagion both to other patients and back into the community. Home-based care is no more an option, it is rather a necessity and a responsibility to protect the community.

Thereby imminent restructuring of the health systems to navigate and respond to the crisis is paramount. In these challenging times, home-based care, remote patient monitoring, and telemedicine services and solutions are helping bridge the gap and prepare for the prevalent needs of health care delivery.

Learn more about how Welcome Homecare is putting the heart into homecare by leveraging Vivify Health’s remote patient platform.

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