Health care systems and providers definitely didn’t step into the new decade thinking of steering through a pandemic. Although this was unexpected, but health systems across the country are tasked to help us all successfully navigate the crisis. Telehealth and Remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions were quick to address the gap in health systems overwhelmed by COVID-19.

There are lessons to be learned for those that are just now starting to embrace the shift to telehealth and RPM.

This recent podcast by Becker Healthcare featuring Robin Hill, Chief Clinical Officer, Vivify Health and Dr. Jefferey Beeson, Medical Director, Global Medical Response’s Nurse Navigation Program talks about Vivify Health’s partnership with GMR, lessons from their 6-year long association, and how they have been leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring platform to tackle the pandemic.

Hear this podcast to learn more about:

  • Vivify Health and GMR partnership – experience working with Vivify Health, and how Vivify Health has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Addressing scalability with telehealth and RPM for both patients and employees
  • Key differences between RPM and telehealth – RPM replacing telehealth’s episodic approach to provide a patient-centric holistic care platform
  • RPM protecting healthcare workers with proactive and reactive measures
  • RPM and telehealth solutions to not only deliver better patient care but also drive a higher acceptance rate amongst both the patients and providers
  • Financial Reimbursements to leverage RPM; engaging patients with chronic conditions and reducing financial barriers

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