October being the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Vivify Health unifies an all-out effort to be the best ~ in-class and industry-leading ~ remote patient care technology with the highest patient data protection standards.

The high-risk patient’s ideal remote patient monitoring tool is for it to be easy to use and reliably accurate. Meeting this desire also means it is up to the industry to supply cybersecurity safeguards to every phase of remote patient monitoring. This includes educating their clients in ways to develop daily habits designed to thwart a theft of personal information.

Vivify Health believes that at the core of our Vivify Pathways products, our users are alertly aware to threats that may compromise ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information). With the HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, coinciding with the inception of Vivify Health, our security awareness and the safeguarding of electronic health records has always been one of our core values. That was also why Vivify Health has reached out for security-focused partners. Another way we support cybersecurity is with our policy to select staff members from a pool of industries who are adherents to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), security and privacy rules. Security Awareness is constantly emphasized throughout each department.

As a first line of defense, it starts with a constant reminder that security starts with each individual. When clients use the Vivify Pathways products, they become partners in sharing the responsibility for security against cyber attacks. Users are shown the security features available to protect patient data. Part-and-parcel of the product is the proper and acceptable use, accountability, and integrity controls. Users are responsible for all endpoint security and the product infrastructure will take care of the processed and stored data security.

Vivify Health’s security awareness program allows users and support staff to become assets in the overall security of the data entrusted to the product. Security threats and vulnerabilities can be caused by missteps and a lack of up-to-date awareness of proper security habits. To counter this, Vivify Health expects security habits to be implemented, such as verifying emails are not from a phishing source, maintaining a clear desk, using workstation security (which can include the locking of workstations), using data loss prevention tools at endpoint, using cryptographic controls, using good password management (such as, using complex characters and securing passwords), and the use of logical and physical access controls.

Vivify Health prides itself on maintaining its reputation in healthcare technology. They, therefore, share in the world of preaching and practicing good cybersecurity. Vivify Health joins the celebration of Cyber Security Awareness Month.

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