There is a famous Latin Phrase that goes “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

It means “Who will guard the guards themselves?” that totally applies to the healthcare physicians today who are struggling hard to meet the ends.

The non-urgent care clinics across the country have been losing revenue which is further putting a strain on their operations. A survey recently conducted by non- profit primary care Collaborative concluded that almost 20% of primary care practices predict they could close within four weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Across industries, digital strategies have been adapted to scale up the day to day functionalities in a matter of days. Imagine, Asian Banks quickly moving to physical channels online, Retailers migrating to contactless shopping and delivery and Investors shore up their claim policies and operations.

But what has been the healthcare industry’s approach to sail through the high current pandemic tides? How will the health care systems innovate in the coming year and decade?

The business model of healthcare delivery is evolving and the health care systems especially the non-urgent care clinics, primary care practices etc. need to redefine themselves to weather the crisis. While there is no question on the urgency to ‘Flatten the curve’, similarly there is an immediate need to further up the ‘adoption curve’ by the healthcare physicians and providers.

How can physicians ‘Sharpen the Curve’ by adopting Remote Care and Telehealth

There have been quite a few instances where the virtual care has literally saved clinics from shutting down. For example, a business at Gastro Health in Miami, recently came to a standstill. As people are endorsing social distancing, they are avoiding visiting clinics for any non-urgent care issues or procedures. This led to a drop in their revenue. But the smart provider, without wasting their time shifts their focus from WHY to HOW?

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth solutions are the saviors where the physicians virtually connect with their patients and immediately provide them with the utmost care and support. Adopting virtual care not only helps the patients to receive care in a timely manner but also helped independent physicians to fix their expenses such as rent, insurance, and staff salaries.

Remodel your business model with Vivify Health

At this time of crisis, healthcare organizations which were deferring to adapt to the RPM and telehealth solutions in the past, have come forward to advance their digital agenda. These digital weapons have become the need of the hour that has replaced the in-person visits to the hospitals and clinics to virtual visits.

This can help the organizations in solving the dual purpose –

  • Doctors can continue to see their patients
  • Reclaim the lost revenue

Smart providers do not hesitate in adopting new technologies. And in doing so, they not only better themselves with time but also outperform their peers.

Vivify Health, a leader in connected care management and patient engagement, has been at the forefront of digital disruption across healthcare systems delivering remote care virtually for any clinical condition.

RPM and telehealth solutions have proven that healthcare organizations need to think beyond flattening of the curve, they need to redefine it. Vivify’s next-level approach can enable healthcare organizations to manage thousands of patients effectively while reducing exposure for patients and staff. This approach encompasses utilizing RPM and telehealth solutions while:

  • Helping patients self-identify at home
  • Reducing the chance of spreading the virus while efficiently using the limited resources
  • Helping health care professionals scale care
  • Ensuring care reaches patients in rural areas
  • Maintain care for other causes, especially chronic conditions
  • Avoiding a rebound effect
  • Increasing provider revenue during difficult times.

Learn more on how to engage, guide and monitor your patients remotely with Vivify Health.

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