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Cardiac Health (2021)

A review of 128 studies involving nearly 100,000 people who’ve had a heart attack, angioplasty, or heart failure found that those who participated in cardiac health programs were far less likely to be hospitalized and had a much better quality of life than those who did not.
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RPM Best Practices

For the past 15 years, virtual health has been heralded as the next disruptor, a game-changer in connected care delivery. Providers, hospitals and health systems are looking forward to investing in telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platforms because of invaluable insights and multiple benefits.
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Vivify Pathways +Portal (2020)

Do you feel the immediate need to address your facility’s monumental challenges of mounting readmission rate, diminishing resources, and revenue loss? Do you want to prevent readmissions and ED visits? Are you looking to make a financial impact by improving your patient and clinical experience?
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Return to Work Infographic (2020)

Protect your patients, employees and communities while getting back to work safely. Download this informational infographic and brochure package to get you on your way back to work.
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Video Visits (2020)

Vivify Health has video visits provides robust video care, collaboration and intervention within the Vivify PathwaysTM remote connected care platform.
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Vivify Health is transforming healthcare with the market’s most comprehensive patient-centered connected care platform, spanning from remote monitoring of high-risk patients and patient activation to population and employee health. Vivify’s platform is the digital pathway to collaborative care on demand — with a focus on ease of use for employees, members, patients and providers.

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