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We started as a tiny company with the great idea of taking care to where patients need it the most.  Today we continue with those same ideals.  This is our journey.

We Are Growing!

Do have a passion for changing healthcare and possess what is takes to Vivify?

A Brief History...

Founded in 2009, Vivify Health is the leader in connected care management and patient engagement for better outcomes and ROI. With customers that include some of the nation’s largest and most progressive health systems and employers, Vivify’s mobile, cloud-based platform delivers a pathway to holistic remote care management through:

  • Personalized care plans
  • Biometric data monitoring
  • Video education and conferencing
  • Text-to-speech configured to the needs of each patient

Vivify partners with healthcare organizations to empower clinicians to efficiently and proactively manage the complex workflow of remote care for virtually any clinical condition.

Following years of research, proven outcomes, and scalability vetting by global partners, Vivify is an established entity in the dynamic landscape of digital health. IRB-study results confirm readmission reductions by over 65% plus patient compliance and satisfaction levels exceeding 95%.

The Vivify solution is incredibly simple for patients of any age and ability, including patients well into their 80’s and 90’s. The engagement tactics and educational tools utilized are varied and customized to each population segment or individual thereby delivering higher quality and more cost-effective care.

Vivify’s back-end caregiver portal is equally intuitive and allows clinicians to efficiently and proactively manage the complex workflow of remote care for virtually any clinical condition. Beyond simplicity and flexibility, the comprehensive, content-driven platform and turnkey workflow services enable providers to intuitively scale and maximize value across populations.

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Our Team

Our hand-picked executive team embodies the Vivify Health spirit and truly drive success and innovation.

eric rock picture

Eric Rock

Founder & CEO
Doug Stewart, CFO, Vivify Health, Inc.

Doug Stewart

Chief Financial Officer
Ed Gillen, VP of Operations, Vivify Health

Ed Gillen

Chief Operations Officer
Chris Fickle photo

Chris Fickle

Sr. VP, Sales
robin hill photo

Robin Hill

Chief Clinical Officer
David Lucas, VP of Sales, Vivify Health

David Lucas

Chief Strategy Officer
michael hawkins photo

Michael Hawkins

Chief Technology Officer
bill paschall photo

Bill Paschall

VP, Business Development

viv•i•fy: to enliven, renew life or cause a transformation.

Let’s take a bold step together — today — towards transforming healthcare.

Our Customers

Vivify has created a digital pathway to collaborative care on-demand for some of the most respected providers and payers in the nation.

In the News

Vivify Health Releases 'Aging in Place with Remote Patient Care' White Paper
The COVID-19-accelerated adoption of remote care and CMS reimbursement combine to turn the golden years into a golden age for American seniors
Collaborating with C Spire to provide RPM platform to Delta Regional Medical Center
C Spire is teaming up with the Delta Regional Medical Center to launch Vivify Health’s powerful Remote Patient Monitoring program in Mississippi for a broad array of chronic medical conditions.
New Survey: COVID-19 Has Made Patients Warm Up to Telehealth, Report Positive Experience
Results of Vivify Health’s annual virtual care survey show telehealth is influencing consumers to not put off medical visits.
REMSA Partners with Vivify Health to Screen Employees for COVID-19
RENO, Nev. and PLANO, Texas – June 9, 2020 – Vivify Health, the developer of the nation’s leading connected care platform for remote patient care, announced today it has partnered with the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) to implement Vivify’s COVID-19 Screening and Monitoring Pathways, enabling both high and low-risk employees to self-screen for COVID-19 at home using their mobile devices.

Go Remote!

Are you ready to start remote care, or maybe need just a little more information on what Vivify Health and remote patient management can bring for you?

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