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Relationships Matter

I read this article a few weeks ago and it reinforced what I have believed all along, and that is, we are in a relationship business, not a technology business. We just happen to have software that supports the relationship…
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Status Updates

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October being the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Vivify Health unifies an all-out effort to be the best ~ in-class and industry-leading ~ remote patient care technology with the highest patient data protection standards.
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In The News

2019 Best Tech Startups in Plano

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Plano, Texas. In doing their research, they considered several factors including but not limited to:Revenue potential Leadership team Brand/product traction Competitive landscapeAdditionally, all companies must be…
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Hurricanes, Healthcare, and Telemedicine

Dealing with natural disasters in healthcare can be very difficult because you are concerned with both your patient’s safety and your own safety.  We often get asked by our customers if we have suggestions for how to plan for natural…
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Make Your Voice Heard on New RPM Codes for CMS

By now you’ve probably heard that the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) has issued its proposed 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program. While it contains a number of changes that affect physician documentation of care,…
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Vivify Health is transforming healthcare with the market’s most comprehensive patient-centered connected care platform, spanning from remote monitoring of high-risk patients and patient activation to population and employee health. Vivify’s platform is the digital pathway to collaborative care on demand — with a focus on ease of use for employees, members, patients and providers.

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