PLANO, Texas, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Patients transitioning from hospitals throughout Texas to their homes will be assured of uninterrupted care, thanks to a partnership between At Home Healthcare, one of the largest home healthcare companies in Texas, and Vivify Health, the pioneer and market leader of remote care via mobile devices. At Home Healthcare has selected Vivify as its technology partner for an innovative remote monitoring program for Care Transitions patients, many who suffer from serious chronic disease or have just undergone joint replacement surgery, are newly released from the hospital and receiving care at home.

Already, these patients receive regular visits and check-ins from At Home Healthcare’s attentive nursing staff. With the addition of remote patient monitoring kits from Vivify Health, At Home Healthcare can stay aware of the patient’s physical condition in near real-time, around the clock, and quickly respond to any clinically relevant variations. In turn, this will help prevent avoidable hospital readmissions and keep patients in the comfort of their own homes.

At Home Healthcare expects this additional layer of care will be a competitive differentiator in a market that is highly dependent on doctor referrals and high patient satisfaction.

“Post-discharge, doctors are understandably concerned about how patients are progressing and adhering to their care plans. With the Vivify remote monitoring platform, our Care Transitions program further assures that these patients experience zero gaps in care and attention,” said Michelle Maiorka, Vice President of Business Development and Transitional Care, At Home Healthcare.

She continued, “This is especially important for patients most at risk of readmission. We know that care transitions are particularly vulnerable times for these patients, which is why we are taking additional measures to assure they are continuously monitored by our professional care teams, enabled by the Vivify remote monitoring platform.”

How continual monitoring protects high-risk patients

It has become apparent that patients who suffer from chronic disease need more frequent monitoring than periodic visits to their provider, especially right after they transfer home from a stay at the hospital. Patients who have undergone major joint replacement surgery, such as knee or hip replacement, are also at risk of developing complications post-surgery. Because deteriorations in condition can go undetected in between clinician visits, many providers and payers increasingly enroll such patients in home healthcare programs like At Home Health’s Care Transitions program, where they receive frequent visits from home health professionals.

Of course, gaps still remain between these visits. To that end, At Home Healthcare has incorporated Vivify Health’s remote monitoring platform to close these gaps for good. Each patient receives a remote monitoring kit from Vivify Health that includes a tablet and various wireless health devices, which patients use to track and report biometrics such as weight and heart rate. Also, right from the tablet, patients can request a video chat or “virtual visit,” refer to a library of pre-installed educational videos about their condition, and review their care plan instructions.

In the meantime, care providers receive the patient’s latest biometric data at scheduled intervals so they can monitor for any anomalies in the patient’s condition. Such events can be quickly acted on, often with a mild intervention in the patient’s own home that heads off a more acute event, which could end with a hospital admission.

“We are extremely gratified to work with an organization like At Home Healthcare that shares our mission to close every gap in care that exists today. Remote monitoring is a vital component for assuring that at-risk patients experience few, if any, of these gaps. We greatly look forward to working with At Home Healthcare to keep their patients, including those at highest risk, healthier and comfortable in their own familiar surroundings instead of at the hospital,” said Robin Hill, Chief Clinical Officer, Vivify Health.

About At Home Healthcare
At Home Healthcare was founded in 1986 and has aggressively been growing ever since. Today, At Home Healthcare is a leading provider of professional home health care services, with 12 offices throughout North, East, Central and Southeast Texas, serving the needs of patients in 110 counties.  At Home Healthcare is committed to ensuring children, adults and their families receive necessary care in a familiar home setting. Home care services provide timely intervention for medical problems that may develop in premature infants through mature adults. Care is tailored to each patient’s needs using a team of highly skilled Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, therapists and attendants. For more information on our services, please call us today at 1-877 MY NURSE or visit our website at

About Vivify Health
Vivify Health’s mobile digital health platform empowers provider organizations to automate remote biometric data collection, deliver prescriptive care plans and interact virtually with patients of all levels of technology expertise. Connecting the care continuum to the home, Vivify Health’s customers customize and deliver nearly 100 clinical pathways at any time, on any interval and to any digital device. Vivify Health is implemented in organizations representing over 700 hospitals, measurably transforming healthcare costs and outcomes for the better. For more information, visit

To arrange an interview with Robin Hill, Chief Clinical Officer at Vivify Health, please contact Joy Dinaro, Amendola Communications, 847-809-0406, or

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