In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a demand for telehealth technology that can assist healthcare providers to treat patients more effectively while keeping those who have not yet acquired the disease safer.

To help providers steer in these unprecedented times, KLAS research has released a COVID-19 technology and services guide talking about the technology resources to help your organization in this crisis. This guide highlights Vivify as one of the preferred Remote Patient Monitoring vendors nationwide, providing solutions to the providers and payers.

With the release of its new Pathways, patients exhibiting similar symptoms who don’t actually have COVID-19 can be reassured without having to physically visit their physicians. They can now receive care remotely through monitoring and telehealth, so they can recover at home with minimal risk to themselves or others.

corona virus screening process on mobile phones

With our RPM solution, providers can continuously triage their high-risk populations automatically to determine which ones require a call or visit with a physician, based on CDC guidelines, and those which can be handled by a physician assistant, nurse or another healthcare professional. It’s a far more efficient approach that ensures everyone receives the level of care that is most appropriate – especially those with the greatest need – while keeping the health system from becoming over-taxed.Eric Rock, CEO, Vivify Health.

To tackle this pandemic, Vivify Health is leading the path ahead in connected healthcare solutions while ensuring to provide support and care for the community, valued customers, patients and employees we serve

Read the full KLAS report here.

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