With remote patient monitoring, we were able to put iPads and Bluetooth-enabled technology into a patient’s home with handheld devices, we also had things like a blood pressure cuff, a pulse reader. In between visits daily readings automatically come in and get recorded, which would then trigger the nurse practitioner if something was out of acceptable range for that patient. This would signal a call out to the patient and helped us better manage our staffing resources.” Michael McHale, CEO, TRU Community Care

In a recent interview, the President and CEO of Tru Community Care talks about how their organization has spent time developing and testing with Vivify Health, a leader in connected care management, to help identify patients’ needs while implementing Remote Patient Monitoring platform in January 2020.

It’s about augmenting high touch with high tech, we don’t want to diminish in-person care, but [instead] complement and add to it through this technology. With this technology, patients and providers can still have meaningful conversations. We can still do updates through remote devices. This allows us to still provide a level of care that is meaningful to their disease progression, regardless of what [Medicare] benefit they’re on before reaching us.”

He further emphasizes that the organization’s main goal has always been to focus on the patient’s well-being without compromising or diminishing in-person care. By collaborating with Vivify Health, he stresses how utilizing RPM and telehealth solutions have not only deliver better patient care but also have incurred a high acceptance rate amongst both the patients and providers.

Remodel the care delivery model with Vivify Health

Tru Community Care has always been amongst those smart healthcare providers that make extensive use of innovative technology to improve care quality and patient experience while reducing costs. With so much going on, it’s high time that other healthcare organizations also embrace the opportunity of digitization. Your organization can adopt care delivery models that ensure expansions of home-based services while engaging patients with chronic conditions and reducing financial barriers.

Vivify Health, a leader in connected care management and patient engagement, has been at the forefront of digital disruption across healthcare systems delivering remote care virtually for any clinical condition where patients want their care (home, on the go).

RPM and telehealth solutions have proven that healthcare organizations need to think beyond flattening of the curve, they need to redefine it. Vivify’s next-level approach can enable healthcare organizations to manage thousands of patients effectively while reducing exposure for patients and staff. This approach encompasses utilizing RPM and telehealth solutions while:

  • Helping patients self-identify at home
  • Reducing the chance of spreading the virus while efficiently using the limited resources
  • Helping health care professionals scale care
  • Ensuring care reaches patients in rural areas
  • Maintain care for other causes, especially chronic conditions
  • Avoiding a rebound effect
  • Increasing provider revenue during difficult times

Learn more on how to engage, guide, and monitor your patients remotely with Vivify Health.

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